Riga - One of the Global Finance Centres

Added: 02.06.2016
For the very first time, Riga has been included in the Global Finance Centre Index taking the 71st place of a total of 86 global financial centres.
However, in the regional list of finance centres of the Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Riga has been ranked fifth following Istanbul, Warsaw, Prague, and Moscow. This proves that the Latvian banking field has traditionally and gradually formed to be a regional finance centre.

Also Tallinn has been included in the index (ranking 78th in the new index), while the positions of the index are taken by global finance centres such as London, New York, and Singapore.

The respectable Global Finance Centre Index is made starting from 2005 and updated twice in a year, in March and September. Authors of the index, Long Finance, combines investment researchers of the Great Britain with an aim to share opinions on environmental and social issues and issues of good administration with policy makers and society. More information about the index


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