Association has the following management bodies:

  • General meeting of the Members
  • Council
  • Board
  • Auditing Commission

 General meeting of the Members

The highest decision-making body of the Association is the Meeting of its Members. It is convoked according to necessity, but at least once a year.

Only Association General Meeting has the right:

  • to adopt, amend and supplement Association's Articles;
  • to elect and dismiss Association Council, Board and Auditing Commission;
  • to approve the program of Association activities;
  • to define the amount of admission fees and membership fees;
  • to approve the budget of Association;
  • to make decisions on termination of Association activities, reorganization or liquidation of the Association;
  • to make decisions on expulsion of Association members.
Association General Meeting can also consider any other important matter concerning the Association activities and make decision on it.

The Council

For supervision of the Association activities, the general meeting elects a Council consisting of 8 members for the term of three years.

Association Council:
  • ensures the convention and organization of the General Meeting;
  • accepts new members to the Association;
  • considers matters, connected with the use of Association budget;
  • considers matters of creating necessary fund for effective activity of the Association;
  • solves other matters, connected with the Association activities, which, in accordance with its Charter, are not within executive competence of the general meeting, President or Auditing Commission;
  • develops common stance in solving matters of importance for banks;
  • approves the Association's action projects, as well as the main documents stipulating its operation.
Composition of Association council:
  • ABLV Bank
  • BlueOrange (Baltikums Bank)
  • Citadele banka
  • DNB banka
  • Nordea banka
  • Norvik banka
  • SEB banka
  • Swedbank

Chairman of the Council: Guntis Beļavskis, Chairman of the Board of Citadele banka

The Management Board

Management Board, including the Chairman of the Board, shall be elected for three years by the Council.

Sanda Liepiņa, the Chairman of the Management Board


The Board:

  • represents the Association when contacting governmental and other organizations as well as foreign and international organizations in respect of the Association activities;
  • organizes the Association General Meetings and fulfillment of decisions and tasks of the Council;
  • uses the budget of the Association in accordance with decisions of the General Meeting and the Association Council, signs agreements;
  • employs and dismisses the Association’s administrative staff.
The current work of the Association is carried out by a permanent Association administrative staff, headed by the Board of the Association.

Auditing Commission of ALCB

Auditing Commission controls economic and financial activities of the Association. Its activities are based on decisions made by the Association General Meeting.

The members of Auditing Commission and the Chairman of the Auditing Commission are elected by the Association General Meeting for the term of 3 years.

Composition of the Auditing Commission:
  • Natālija Davidoviča, Head of Internal Audit Department, DNB banka
  • Aija Daugavvanaga, Head of Financial Accounting Department, ABLV Bank
  • Mārtiņš Arbidāns, Head of Accounting Unit, SEB banka


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