FCMC: People’s confidence in the financial sector and its supervisor has grown, 11.04.2016

Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC) in collaboration with market and public opinion research center SKDS has conducted an annual survey of Latvia’s inhabitants’ confidence in financial institutions and knowledge of financial market supervision. The survey results show that there is a growing number of inhabitants who have generally neutral and trustful attitude towards the providers of financial services in the Latvian market, reaching an average 52% (50% in 2015). During the year, the level of trust has increased in all the institutions included in the survey, indicates the survey performer SKDS.

Latvias inhabitants amongst the most active users of internet banking in the EU, 06.04.2016

Latvia’s inhabitants are 24% more active in using internet banking than the European Union (EU) average, with 81% of Latvians banking online compared with 57% for the EU as a whole. For the second year running, Latvia holds 6th place in the region. Only the inhabitants of Scandinavia and Estonia are more active according to the European Commission’s “Digital Economy and Society Index” (DESI) for 2016.

Fourth FINANCIAL EDUCATION WEEK in Latvia March 14–20, 14.03.2016

This year, in cooperation with partners the Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC) will organise the FINANCIAL EDUCATION WEEK 2016 (FEW 2016) for the fourth time, traditionally held simultaneously with other financial literacy activities elsewhere in the world: The Fifth Global Money Week of Child and Youth Finance International (CYFI) and The Second European Financial Week held on the initiative of the European Banking Federation.

Within ten years almost 900 AML/CFT certified bank employees in Latvia, 10.03.2016

Since December 2005, 886 employees of Latvian banks have attended training courses on the anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing (AML/CFT), organised by the Association of Latvian Commercial Banks (ALCB) and have obtained certificates on the improvement of their knowledge and skills on several levels.

Rietumu Bank withdraws its membership from the Association of Latvian Commercial Banks, 09.03.2016

On March 8, Rietumu Bank informed the Association of Latvian Commercial Banks (ALCB) on its intent to withdraw its membership from the Association. The decision of Rietumu Bank is connected with its business objectives and has nothing to do with the agenda and topicalities of ALCB.
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